Serving Casper, Wyoming
Serving         Casper, Wyoming


March 3, 2015


Kingdom Minded Construction had the opportunity of painting the interior sanctuary of Faith Assembly Church in Casper. The painting plan included painting the ceiling with all the trusses a flat black, and painting all the walls. The stage area was also painted completely black. This was a massive undertaking. The ceiling height at it's peak was around 40 feet! Most of the work was performed from a sissor lift. The total square footage of the space was approximately 20,000. The project was completed in a two week span.

March 24, 2014


Kingdom Minded Construction is geared up for our exterior painting season. Space on our schedule is filling up quick! The demand for exterior coatings in Casper is high, and the period of time to get the work done is short. Waiting until the middle of the summer to talk to a painter could leave you stuck with your current paint condition for another year. Some paint jobs can last another winter and some can't. You need an expert to have a look at it.


Kingdom Minded Construction would be honored to offer this service for you. We can have an expert inspect the paint on your home, and give you an estimate if needed. However, availability of our paint team becomes limited as the nice weather progresses. Give us a call sooner rather than later, we would love to get you on the calender for this paint season!

January 10, 2014


Happy New Year from Kingdom Minded Construction! We want to pray that you all have a blessed year of abundance and that this is a year that your dreams are fullfilled.


Kingdom Minded Construction's website & social media site are still under construction, but we are excited about our logo currently in the design phase. We hope to unveil it here within the next month or so.


December and January are usually slower months for us, but plans are underway with a few projects, and we will become busy from the end of January to March.


There are still plenty of openings for exterior painting this summer if you're looking to freshen up your siding or trim. Don't wait till the last minute! It's seems like we always get calls in mid summer about exterior painting needs after we are completely booked.


December, 7 2013


The wintery season is upon us! That means that all exterior painting is on hold. We are hoping to return to exterior painting in March/April, 2014. Don't wait till then to get on the schedual. Availablity fills up fast. Before the 2013 season even began, Kingdom Minded Construction was booked through the end of July.


If the paint on your house is cracking and pealing, now is the time to plan for a fresh paint job. As paint begins to fail, water damage begins to occur almost imediately. Water damage can lead to costly repairs, all of which could be avoided by a fresh paint job, and a sealing up the perimeter of your home with caulking.


We would be more than happy to give you a free estimate, just give us a call.


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You can find information about us and our services at our Website. We hope you enjoy viewing what we have to offer!

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