Serving Casper, Wyoming
Serving         Casper, Wyoming


We carry out all types of painting and finish work for interiors. We're proficient in various techniques that allow us to design your rooms individually according to your wishes.


We make a point of using only high-quality products, of offering competent and comprehensive advice, and always keeping your artistic design ideas in mind.


Painting and Varnishing

We measure your rooms, calculate what it's going to take, and give you an individual estimate. Every job is unique.


The staircase can offer an impression of a building. With scratch-resistant and waterproof paints and varnishes, we can give your staircase a brand new radiance!

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Bathrooms & Kitchens are what sell a home. In these rooms, humidity is a high threat, and it is a common need to wash down a wall from time to time. That's why we like to use a washable durable paint. That paint combined with the perfect color can bring a formidable transformation that will leave a lasting impression.

Fine Finish Carpentry

Windows & Doors are focus points of every space in a room. How the trim is installed means everything. You want the corners to match up. You want the nail holes to be filled in. You want it to look good, we make that happen.


You want it in stain grade? That means extra precission, and it's one of our specialties.


With stain grade trim and moldings, there isn't room for error. Every joint has to match up just right or it's going to show. Theres no covering up mistakes with paint. You want the beauty of the wood to shine, and you want the nail holes to dissappear. That takes a special touch which you can expect from us.

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